In December 2001 the New Zealand produced movie "The Fellowship of the Ring" based on the first of J.R.R. Tolkien books was released world wide to critical acclaim.

On the 4th of December 2001 New Zealand Post paid tribute to this epoch movie by issuing a series of postage stamps with designs derived from scenes out of  the movie.

The issue consists of 6 basic stamp designs but each design comes in both gummed and self-adhesive versions which differ considerably. The gummed versions also come in individual souvenir sheets.

We offer the following items for sale but warn that current demand will mean some items may soon become unavailable so early ordering is advisable.  For ordering details click here

FRsetM.jpg (81325 bytes)
RINGS 1                        Mint (unhinged) set of 6 stamps.                     US$25


FRbookletm.jpg (104088 bytes)
RINGS 2                  Mint (unhinged) self-adhesive booklet                   US$25


FRms40c.jpg (24419 bytes) FRms80c.jpg (19165 bytes)
FRms90c.jpg (17867 bytes) FRms$130c.jpg (22947 bytes)
FRms$150c.jpg (19238 bytes) FRms$200c.jpg (23098 bytes)
RINGS 3                   Mint (unhinged) set of 6 souvenir sheets.               US$40


FRsetFDC.jpg (79042 bytes)
RINGS 4                        First Day Cover of set of 6 stamps.                     US$70


FRmsFDC.jpg (73316 bytes)
   RINGS 5             First Day Cover set (6) of souvenir sheets               US$60     

Note "Rings 5" comprises  6 envelopes each with a different sheet affixed


RINGS6           Mint set of self-adhesive booklet stamps in special format pane      US$50


RingsfellSAFDC.jpg (52378 bytes)

   RINGS 7             First Day Cover with set of 6 self-adhesive stamps             US$50     

Note: the self adhesive stamps are smaller and in a slightly different format from the regular stamps.


FRMeterclose.jpg (27777 bytes)

New Zealand Post used a special machine datestamp (shown above) to promote the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  It was used without prior notice at  4 postal centres (Auckland, South Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) for one week only. Good impressions are very difficult to obtain. We can offer collectors commercially used envelopes bearing these impressions.

FRmetercvr.jpg (51178 bytes)

RINGS 8         Commercially used envelope with Lord of Rings cancellation.         US$4

Note:  Nearly all envelopes are commercial size. Quality of impression varies considerably but we will supply the best possible.

LOTR40cSheetlet.jpg (100597 bytes)

RINGS 9         Special sheetlet of 10 x 40 cent stamps mint.         US$12


New Zealand Post issued a Lord of the Rings miniature sheet in early April for Northpex'2002, the National Stamp Exhibition held in Auckland.

LOTRNorthpexMS.jpg (61578 bytes)

RINGS 10         Miniature sheet issued for Northpex 2002.        US$6

LOTRNorthpexFDC.jpg (45227 bytes)

RINGS 11         Miniature sheet on Northpex 2002 First Day Cover.        US$8


LOTRAmphilex02msFDC.jpg (53713 bytes)

RINGS 12      Amphilex Miniature sheet on Amphilex 2002 First Day Cover.        US$6 


RINGS 13                     Amphilex Miniature sheet mint unhinged                            US$5

FRMaxi40c.jpg (17634 bytes)

FRMaxi80c.jpg (17624 bytes)

FRMaxi90c.jpg (15672 bytes)

FRMaxi$130c.jpg (19256 bytes)

FRMaxi$150c.jpg (15335 bytes)

FRMaxi$200c.jpg (17285 bytes)

RINGS 14  Fellowship set of 6 maxicards  postmarked  first day of issue   currently sold out


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